Monday, January 14, 2013

The Truth about Babies

From the Logs of Bex Mullin

The truth about babies is that they are demons until they are human.

They live in water, that's a wonderful conductor of electricity, yanno. They feed off their mothers both before and after their births. You could say, since there isn't a word in your useless language for what I might be describing, that they live and feed off of, and are made of, spiritual, electrical, and software potential ones and zero's. 

They are empty, hungry shells that yell and scream and siphon energy from all living things around them, physically, emotionally and psychically. Don't believe me? Take a look at ANY new parent. Haggard, sleepless? That's not just from mid-night crying. The number of day-time naps will never erase what's being sucked from their souls.

And breast-milk...that shit is livewire. Disgusting, but livewire. Without breast-milk babies would decay entirely and succumb to the demon nature and never live up to any human potential. (Makes that red-neck child who breast-fed til six-years-old creepy as fuck and a societal necessary; but more on that later, because that can backfire. You can be too human. Shut up, you don't know shit.)

What about Baby Formula? You ask in fucking horror. Well, you dip-shit, all those babies grew up in a half-life, lazy, entitled, and will-less creatures perfect for the bottom-feeders to latch onto as Riders.

Congrats, Americans, you keep them fucking alive.

All those vampiric sonsabitches immigrated to the New Fucking World, hurrah.

Babies spread the disease. There's a reason government is ANTI ABORTION AND ANTI BIRTH CONTROL (which would reduce abortions, right?). Government ain't yer friend in this war.

I'm telling you, Ben Fucking Franklin is their Grand Fucking Father.

Oh yeah.

Get a drink. Let me tell you a Story.

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